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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Fullmoon

Last saturday, seems days before already (being sick for few days)! My "Si tao Lui"'s baby girl full moon. Me and my colleagues went all the way from Ipoh to Kampar for her celebration at 6pm.

See? Their "Royal Bathroom". Take a careful look at that "basin", special? some kind like Pizza Hut or KFC's? I'm loving it!

Me and colleagues in photo. The young man in purple color t-shirt is the one I see most everyday (even longer time I'm having with my hubby!), pink color guy is our site man (hot tempered man), me, pink lady is our purchasing, orange lady is our accounts clerk (but she is going to leave for another company by the end of this month, what a waste!), and last but not least our marketing guy (a just-married, friendly-man, he is the one drive most of us to this function)

These are all the presents Danielle received for her daughter's full moon.

Danielle with her 2-year-old son. He looks mostly like father with mother's eyes. Her daughter's name is Xian Nie. She looks mostly like mother, that fair enough? One looks like dad and one looks like mum. Oh, where is her daughter???

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