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Thursday, November 18, 2010


When browsing through some online wholesaler, I happened to come over a word that I can't understand, so I check it out on Wikipedia. Here it is:

Dropship is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in all retail businesses, the retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

Some drop shipping retailers may keep "show" items on display in stores, so that customers can inspect an item similar to those that they can purchase. Other retailers may provide only a catalog or website.

Retailers that drop ship merchandise from wholesalers may take measures to hide this fact to avoid any stigma, or to keep the wholesale source from becoming widely known. This can be achieved by "blind shipping" (shipping merchandise without a return address), or "private label shipping" (having merchandise shipped from the wholesaler with a return address customized to the retailer). A customized packing slip may also be included by the wholesaler, indicating the retailer's company name, logo, and/or contact information.

So many police cars?

Oh, my gosh! What happened? Another burglary? But why so many police cars? Somebody murdered in the burglary?

Yesterday evening, while waiting for the air-conditional being replaced, hubby and I were busy reading about Chinese drywall law suit on my new Garmin-Asus A10. I did not blog about the phone but it is great. I have downloaded a lot of applications and games for free from Android Market. "Angry Bird" is a game to destroy the green monster by throwing birds. LOL! We like it most! Hubby was addicted to it!

Okay, been away from the story.

One of the workers told us that there were many police cars parked outside of our house. Wasting no time, hubby rushed to check it out. Then he hurried me to see the grand view. Wow, there are many of them indeed. We thought that there might be a house being burglarized again initially, but then, there is no need to get over 10 police cars to come for the investigation.

Suddenly, hubby recalled that one of our neighbor is a policeman. And so the police cars are here to attend a party for Hari Raya Haji. LOL!

Nice shot from our balcony!

Monday, November 15, 2010

World's smallest car

Feeling bored waiting while working, I ended up browsing through the Internet for news. And I happened to be attracted to an article - World's smallest car. It's cute!

World's smallest car the 'Wind Up' built by British constructor. British constructor Perry Watkins has assembled officially the world's smallest licensed car - and it has a top speed of 60kph.

At just 41 inches high, 51 inches long and a seemingly impossible 26 inches wide, the miniscule motor is in danger of being overpowered by other vehicles on the road.

But Mr Watkins has made sure that his 'Wind Up' mini car has enough power to compete with the larger cars, with a top speed of 60kph (37mph).

Though it may not be enough to hold its own on the German autobahns, the car features seat belts and has a few flames licking the side of the car, for added 'cool factor'.

The body comes from a repainted children's ride, while the chassis is borrowed from a Shanghai Shenke quad bike. Meanwhile, the tyres are more regularly seen on Monkey motorcycles.

This isn't the first time that Mr Watkins has devised a strange vehicle, after his 'Flatmobile' was unveiled a couple of years ago. It stood at just 19 inches high and could reach speeds of 100mph.

The car will be shown off at a motoring show in Essen, Germany, on November 27.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I want a Garmin-Asus A10

See the price? RM499 instead of RM1399 with free car kit worth RM249! It's a great deal!

It's a package with 24 months contract with Digi Smart Plan. My friend bought it last week, and I had try on it, it's fabulous. The full featured Garmin GPS Satellite Navigation comes with junction view which made all of us attract to this phone. I love it because of its GPS, 5MP camera with auto focus, wifi & bluetooth capable. It runs on Android 2.1 which many app could be downloaded for usage. Wow, wow, wow! I love it max!

We will have to sign up for Digi Smart Plan which offer RM68 for unlimited Internet to get this phone. Since the package is a all-in-one with no minimum call usage (just pay-as-you-use), I will switch hubby's number to Digi from Maxis. Since hubby doesn't call out often, it suites him.

Now that I have done porting the number out from Maxis to Digi, I will still have to wait for the phone to be restock. It is out of stock currently. I just received call from Digi Centre Ipoh that the phone will probably arrived by Saturday.

..................... am anxiously waiting!

Emotional ups and downs

Living our life as a human being is challenging. We are always prepared for all kinds of emotional ups and downs - an inevitable fact of life. Anyhow, we are going to face them and go through them in our daily life without fail.

My friend told me that I'm pessimistic, though I do not agree with that. I'm quite optimistic in fact, just because I have been through a lot of emotional downs during the younger part of my life, I knew that I should keep my head up to face every challenges.

When I was 3 years old, my mom had diagnosis with breast cancer. Ever since that, I am growing up in an environment that fearing my mom's sickness may relapse any time. Every year, my mom will go for a check-up and that was the time when we were worried, fear of getting a bad report. Year after year the check-up went out great, until they (cancerous cells) finally decided to come back for a visit. I was 12 years old by that time. The sickness dragged for another 4 years. My mom had done a great job in the battling, now she is at peace in God's hand.

I was my mom's only child, so the task of taking care her falls on me naturally. I still remember the time when I used to accompany my mom to hospital for surgery or chemotherapy, I used to sit by her bed and sleep by her bed.

I've had to learn independent since my mom passed on. I've grown up wiser than others after all the ups and downs in my life. My friends of my ages are still in their parents' loving nest when I already staying independently on my own.

I'm so lucky that I've met hubby, he had been taking care of me since I'm 16 years old. We have been through a lot indeed. Thank God, I have him. We go everywhere in pair. We been through everything together! I'm so blessed!

Monday, November 8, 2010

After a whole week of "work"

Hubby and I had sent my aunt and cousin home safely yesterday. This ends my week of "work". "Work" in terms of being a driver driving them around the town, clean up my house and clear up the things I brought home in big black plastic bags with my aunt. Gosh, this kind of "work" is way more tiring than my normal "work". Anyway, we were all delighted to have my house back to a clean and tidy state.

During this week, we have had my house wiring and plumbing work done. Washing machine and refrigerator are bought too! But both of them are now being located upstairs. The ground floor of my house is empty - in case the thieves look into our house, they won't know we have replaced all the electrical gadgets, though my house had been armed with alarm system.

During this week, our car had encounter a big problem - engine oil leaking. Our braking system is also giving out sound when we press on it. Oh, we were all worried about it. Thus the car was sent to Toyota service center for check-up. The technician told us that they need to take out the whole engine to change something from inside to cure the oil leaking and our disc-brake had became one thick one thin due to the fact that we had changed the brake pad with a non-original one. All in all, the repair fee will come up to RM1,500. *sigh*. We took our car back, wait for hubby's act. Fast forward, hubby then bring our car to a private technician whom had successfully fix the oil leaking with RM300. And the braking system, we still need to go back to Toyota, for a original brake pad!

During this week, our auto-reload touch n go z'ng card refuse to auto-reload, both my aunt's and mine. We headed to the Jelapang tol plaza which then only realized that it had been closed and then redirect to the Ipoh Garden tol plaza to activate the cards.

During this week, we were all busy - 24 hours per day technically not enough! LOL!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Re-route back to Kuantan

A week before, hubby and I went Kuantan to fetch my aunt and cousin back to Ipoh for holiday, and now we are all backed to Kuantan! It was a tiring week, I'll have to rest for at least a week for recovery. LOL! I wish I could sleep in a baby bouncer chairs!