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Thursday, November 18, 2010

So many police cars?

Oh, my gosh! What happened? Another burglary? But why so many police cars? Somebody murdered in the burglary?

Yesterday evening, while waiting for the air-conditional being replaced, hubby and I were busy reading about Chinese drywall law suit on my new Garmin-Asus A10. I did not blog about the phone but it is great. I have downloaded a lot of applications and games for free from Android Market. "Angry Bird" is a game to destroy the green monster by throwing birds. LOL! We like it most! Hubby was addicted to it!

Okay, been away from the story.

One of the workers told us that there were many police cars parked outside of our house. Wasting no time, hubby rushed to check it out. Then he hurried me to see the grand view. Wow, there are many of them indeed. We thought that there might be a house being burglarized again initially, but then, there is no need to get over 10 police cars to come for the investigation.

Suddenly, hubby recalled that one of our neighbor is a policeman. And so the police cars are here to attend a party for Hari Raya Haji. LOL!

Nice shot from our balcony!

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