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Monday, November 8, 2010

After a whole week of "work"

Hubby and I had sent my aunt and cousin home safely yesterday. This ends my week of "work". "Work" in terms of being a driver driving them around the town, clean up my house and clear up the things I brought home in big black plastic bags with my aunt. Gosh, this kind of "work" is way more tiring than my normal "work". Anyway, we were all delighted to have my house back to a clean and tidy state.

During this week, we have had my house wiring and plumbing work done. Washing machine and refrigerator are bought too! But both of them are now being located upstairs. The ground floor of my house is empty - in case the thieves look into our house, they won't know we have replaced all the electrical gadgets, though my house had been armed with alarm system.

During this week, our car had encounter a big problem - engine oil leaking. Our braking system is also giving out sound when we press on it. Oh, we were all worried about it. Thus the car was sent to Toyota service center for check-up. The technician told us that they need to take out the whole engine to change something from inside to cure the oil leaking and our disc-brake had became one thick one thin due to the fact that we had changed the brake pad with a non-original one. All in all, the repair fee will come up to RM1,500. *sigh*. We took our car back, wait for hubby's act. Fast forward, hubby then bring our car to a private technician whom had successfully fix the oil leaking with RM300. And the braking system, we still need to go back to Toyota, for a original brake pad!

During this week, our auto-reload touch n go z'ng card refuse to auto-reload, both my aunt's and mine. We headed to the Jelapang tol plaza which then only realized that it had been closed and then redirect to the Ipoh Garden tol plaza to activate the cards.

During this week, we were all busy - 24 hours per day technically not enough! LOL!

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