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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snapbomb review


I just have my blog approved by Snapbomb yesterday. This is my first paid post for this website. It is a website which advertisers generate buzz with blog marketing and bloggers make money writing blog posts.

Advertisers sponsor targeted campaigns to spread the word about product releases, press coverage, events, news, or anything else that an advertiser wants to get in front of millions of readers across the Internet through blogs. It has a fully automated blog marketing system which is able to match campaigns to bloggers based on relevance. Blog values are based on real statistics and the result can be tracked through their unique "Buzz Analytics".

Bloggers as us are opened to select sponsored campaigns that match our interest, expertise and blog content, getting paid for our efforts while writing about topics we are passionate about. Our blog value will appear in the automated valuation system. Their matching system makes it easy for us to find opportunities that match our blog content.

The excellent part in this buzz machine is that there is no minimum payment. Payments are are sent out on the 5th of each month via PayPal. So bloggers, what are you waiting for?

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