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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heavy rain

Snap while waiting .... at MBI

Wow, the rain was really heavy yesterday, coming along with strong wind!

I was at the MBI yesterday by the time it rains a little. But once I safely reached the building, it starts raining cats and dogs! I was quite happy with myself that I have brought along the umbrella, thinking that I'm so clever! *slap head*

And I hardly go out of the building after I done my job. The rain's too heavy out there! One having an umbrella couldn't even go out in the rain! Some of them whom I think was really in a rush, take the risk of going out to the rain but can't help wetting the whole body with an umbrella with them! And some of them with their umbrella blown upside down!

I'm standing aside, snapping some photos of this scene!

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