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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Fm in Ipoh

I just came back from Perak Girl School after attending to the My Fm show. Hubby is busy with his work, no time for me. So I brought another friend who is initially asking me to help out making bread in his house. For sure, we left no time for bread making after watching the show! LOL

A Proton Persona is parked inside the hall and the DJs are playing games with the Proton Persona. Yes, you get me right, they are playing games with the car. After all this program sponsored by Proton Persona, sure everything goes around Proton Persona!

They gave out handphone, notebook, camera and also air-cond set to lucky draw winners. We have no luck winning any though.

I was wondering, since this program is proudly sponsored by Proton Persona, how come they don't have a Proton Persona as the grand prize for lucky draw? LOL

Picture with My Fm DJs and the mascot - Little My
From left - Me (Oh No! Look so fat!), Jason, Jack, Phoebe, Nicholas, HN (my friend)

This is the only photo I took (with handphone). *silly me* I took out my camera without memory card trying to snap photo!


reanaclaire said...

wah...snapping away with the celebrities.. they r all DJs, right? the Jack face is familiar...he acted in that singapore show "love matters" right?

Cindy said...

Yup, he is the one. You seldom listen to chinese radio station, right?