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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year for the year 2010 is coming to an end soon! All of us had been having our sweet time enjoying the holidays. Our shop had reopened yesterday, as such my blog will also reopen! lol

As usual, on the first day of CNY @ my chinese birthday, we will go out early in the morning for breakfast, and go back home waiting for our relatives to come.

God of prosperity on the street - asking for donation!
Mean while, we'll start our once-a-year gambling! I lost RM10 with 20cents each game! No luck for this year, I'll remind myself not to go for casino for this whole year!

When my mum was here with us, we will celebrate my birthday on this day. I will have a big big cake with my name on top, and my mum will cook curry chicken, fried chicken/nugget/hotdog, fried mee/mee hun. Since she passed on, this event had been skipped. :(. How I hope she is here with me!

Kids playing video games while adults chit chatting.


reanaclaire said...

hahaha..your blogging also hoi goong today ah.. so cute! i no sau koong also..every day got work!

Cindy said...