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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lonely day

My hubby is still working. I'm staying back at home alone! So sad.

Pre-wedding Photos

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wedding photo shooting day

Yesterday we went for our wedding photo shooting at France & Taipei, I'm sure you all know where is it! I'm excited for the day. Waking up on 6.30am, took my shower and having breakfast at Greentown - oh, what a lousy breakfast, no taste at all! Time goes slow, 8.30am, we finished all shower, breakfast and preparations. Followed by:-

9.45am - Go Fusan buy "tim sum" as what we had promised the sales girl at France & Taipei.

10.05am - Reached France & Taipei. Sit and wait since we are supposed to be here on 10.30am. So most of them not yet come.

10.30am - Start making up.

12.30pm - Finished make up. Go to the "rock" church and then Seri Botani's lake side for outdoor shooting.

3.00pm - Back at France & Taipei. Wow, we're very hungry. But they want us to have the next costume finished first before letting us have lunch.

3.45pm - Finally, we are having lunch - chicken rice (I do think that rice is delicious, may be just because of hungry?)

4.00pm - Next.

8.45pm - Seems time flies! Finished photographing.

9.05pm - Reached home. Took a good shower.

10.00pm - Dinner.

11.00pm - Bedtime.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines day

Yesterday was valentines day, we had a special mode of celebration. I'm home at about 5.30pm, preparing myself to a house warming party. We stay until 9pm. Our special celebrations for the day started on 9.30pm - BBQ. Just two of us! We roasted chicken wings, hot dogs, chicken balls, crab balls and prawn. But since we've gone for that house warming party, we are already fulled. I enjoy BBQing, but not eating.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy birthday to myself

Today is my birthday. I have had my hairs dyed to dark brown yesterday as my birthday gift. I had received birthday card from my colleagues & also sms greetings from my friends, but my hubby is sicked, quite a heavy fever! I haven't take my dinner, staying home to take care of him. Sad. Don't know why, I'm feeling down these days, even on my birthday. Can anybody help?