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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm back but I'm busy

We have been backed home for few days! But I'm busy driving my auntie and cousin around the city. Oh, so tiring!!!

We have been to One Utama, Ikea, The Curve and Tenji on the past Sunday. I'll update them with other posts later. :)

Busy, really busy! We go out 7am daily and only back home around 11pm! I'll die of sleep deprived soon! lol

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ipoh - Kuantan - KL - Ipoh

Hubby and I are going to Kuantan to fetch my auntie and cousin back to Ipoh Again.

We will have to see how's everything going on to decide when we start our journey to Kuantan tomorrow, may be morning, may be afternoon or may be evening! And four of us will go KL early in the next morning, shopping for some household items for my auntie's new condo. We are going for Houz Depot and Ikea, follow by 1 Utama. If we have spare time, we could go Pavillion or Mid Valley too!

Before 6pm, we shall arrived at Tenji for our buffet dinner. I'm looking forward to it. We have been to Jogoya, and yet to try out at Tenji. Now Tenji has got discount RM88++ for dinner, RM28.80++ for 2nd person. We shall take the apportunity to try and see! lol

I suppose we are going home to Ipoh around 9.30pm (from KL), after the buffet walloping(buffet starts 6pm, ends 9.30pm)! We are going to fully utilized the time given! lol

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sk-II miracle water

Everybody knows Sk-II expensive, but still it's famous!

Recently, I come across a website regarding Sk-II Christmas package, seems worthy to buy.

So I went to a Sk-II counter, ask about it. After some detailed explanation from the promoter, I bought a 75ml facial treatment essence (miracle water). After all, they are famous for this miracle water only ma. RM187 for a 75ml miracle water is really expensive for me, but I just want to give it a try, may be I'll get a better skin with it?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My small small office is on the way

Yeah! Finally I could sit inside a office (with air-con)! lol

I used to sit inside hubby's shop to stay guard of incoming customers. But the weather's so unpredictable, sometimes cool, sometimes hot and since it's in open air, heavy dust will cover my table every day! It's great to have myself sit in a office!

Air-con will be install today - an old air-con from our house, the ceiling fan will be relocate, and the partition board will be fix on Thursday.

We will also change our display racks, having a minor change in the shop!

In the coming time, we will do some changes bit by bit, determining to renew and refresh the shop. Nowadays, changes must be made to survive. We ourselves as a customer, would rather pay more to sit in a clean and comfortable cafe, than sitting in a old and "not-so-clean" kopitiam, right?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Digital SLR

Nikon D3000 - my new camera!

Hubby bought me a DSLR as a gift... erm for my pregnant Christmas gift - an early gift! I have been dreaming for it long long time ago. And now my wish comes true!

When hubby and I went to Australia, we saw many tourists holding a DSLR, even girls are holding one! We are wondering what's so great about this "big thing"?

So we try to find out when we are back in Malaysia. What's the different between our small digital compact camera with the Digital SLR?

When we were in Gold Coast, I tried to snap a picture at the night market and got scolded, all because my camera's flash light which caught the stall's owner attention! When it comes to a DSLR, it need not a flash light on at night, just increase the ISO will do, so not easy to be discover when we were to snap photos at night!

Look at the picture below, with a DSLR, we can show the movement nicely where our small camera cannot.

Picture with movement

Aperture has a big impact upon depth of field. Large aperture will decrease depth of field while small aperture will give you larger depth of field. Adjustment of the aperture will give us the below effect.

Pictures with different aperture

There are many functions hidden in this Digital SLR camera. I'm still on my way discovering!