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Saturday, January 30, 2010

26th birthday

My birthday is just a few days away, since it falls on weekday, hubby and I will go Kl on the coming Sunday and Monday. Yup, another KL trip again! lol! It's a simple way to celebrate!

We don't used to hold any grand celebration for birthdays or anniversary, a simple dinner or outing will do, as long as we remember the day and appreciate it.

Happy birthday to me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm old!

Hubby and I went a coffee shop for breakfast this morning. He ordered his fried mee and I went off to order tim sum.

While looking at the food variety, one auntie ask me "What do you want, AUNTIE???" Gosh, when I heard her calling me AUNTIE, I walked away.

I went to the neighbor shop to buy my tim sum instate! How dare you call me auntie while I'm just 25? I'm still young! Though not as young as 18 but not old enough to be called AUNTIE!

I was wondering whether this auntie's eyes having problem? or my look do resemble AUNTIE???


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner at Lawan Kuda

A sudden call from my FIL said that Yi Ku (aunt in-law) will come and take us (hubby & me and FIL & MIL) and Ah Ye & Ah Ma (grandfather & grandmother in-law) to Lawan Kuda for dinner.

Lawan Kuda is about 25 minutes away from Ipoh. It's a small chinese village that holds quite a number of restaurants with cheap price and nice food.

This time, Yi Ku brought us to Restoran J.J.Fatt where we have yet to try. We ordered five dishes for seven of us. I should say that the food are very delicious especially the pork leg. If you happen to be there, go try. The shop opens 24 hours! Wow, a restaurant in a small village also operates around the clock!

Restoran J.J.Fatt
Fried brinjal with fish ball
Mongolia pork leg
Fried vege with belacan
Fried "abolone mushroom"
Nyonya steam fish

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rude couple robbing car park

Hubby and I went Jusco thought of having our late lunch at about 4pm. Nothing special on a Sunday evening, don't know why there are so many cars searching for parking and the parking lots are so full. Hubby had go round and round looking for parking lot, but no luck with him. So I exchange seat with him, handling the car (I've more luck on parking!).

Less than 1 minute after I take over, I saw a car owner going up their car, preparing to leave the parking lot. Wow! I quickly on my signal light and look up to check whether any other cars is aiming the same parking lot as I am. No! No car has on any signal for this parking. And so I change into reverse gear, reverse my car into the parking lot.

I notice a Malay women standing at the parking lot only after I half-reversed my car into the parking lot, she slaped my car to ask us stop. I got down. She said "Ini saya punya husband's parking, dia sedang mari." I replied her "Saya punya kereta sudah sampai, u punya kereta dekat mana? Tak boleh reserve parking macam ni!" She answer "Saya sudah lama tunggu parking ini". Hubby can't stand him also, he got down and tell her she cannot reserve parking like that. Not long after our conversation, the Malay women's husband's Kancil arrived. He, the Malay man start scolding us, and threaten that he'll mark down our car number. But I'm not so tame to be scolded when I've done nothing wrong. I told him "You tau mark saya punya number, saya pun tau mark down you punya number!" And I go back into my car, continue reverse into the parking lot.

Hubby saw this rude Malay man scolding like hell, he started to change his mind, he ask me to let go, give them the parking, don't argue with them. But I'm such a stubborn person, I insist parking in my car.

Thus, our lunch time turn sour. I'm furious on hubby's act to let go the parking lot when the Malay guy scold us; hubby mad at me when I act so stubborn, insist on parking at this lot.

What do you think?

Know your rights when stopped by police

Just came across a blog which publish information on the Red pamphlet. I've copy some information from the site to share with all of you.

You have the right to ask for the Police Authority Card (Kad Kuasa Polis) from the officer when stopped. There are 4 different colors:
  • Blue: Rank of Inspector and above
  • Yellow: Below the rank of Inspector
  • White: Reserve police
  • Red: Suspended Police Officer. He has no authority to do anything to you. Walk away.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kenny Rogers Roasters healthy Eating Day

Today is the day!

Wear red clothing/footwear/accessories + buy 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal = Free 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal.

I went to Kenny Rogers this afternoon with my friends for lunch. I didn't wear red clothing nor footwear, I only brought a red handbag! My friends even worst than me, nothing on them is red. So I borrow them my pink-color handphone porch and luckily that "pinkie" counted as red also! lol!

With this buy 1 free 1 promotion, we have no priority to choose the side dishes. The side dishes are coleslaw, mash potato and red beans. According to the waiter, we can choose only "chicken and muffin". That means "chicken wing/drumstick" and "chocolate/banana/vanilla muffin".

While chit-chatting and waiting for our food, I notice that all the surrounding tables are filled with at least one person with red top. Amazing to see such a crowd of people who came for the buy 1 free 1 deal.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cameron Highland half-day-trip

We went up the hill by 4pm when hubby called to ask if we are interested to go up to Cameron Highland which is only one hour away from Ipoh.

Cameron Highland is always very cold at the end of the year. My aunt, cousin sis and me have been wearing our sweater since arrived, while hubby and my cousin bro didn't add-on additional clothes (may be their fatty tissues are thick enough to stand the cold! lol).

We walked around at the market, and go straight down to OK Tuck Restaurant for steamboat as our dinner. It is best to have steamboat during cold weather. We finished up everything!

After some walk at the night market in Brinchang, we went home and arrived Ipoh only by 12am.

Me, cousin bro, cousin sis & hubby
Steamboat in Cameron Highland

Thursday, January 7, 2010

KL one-day-trip

This trip happened on our way back from Kuantan to Ipoh two weeks ago. I brought along my new DSLR camera to snap almost anything! lol!

1. First stop at Dragon-i, The Curve for lunch.

Me & hubby *Cheese*
Dragon-i's wet tissue
Dim sum before main dish

The "lao sha bao" that I like best. See the hot yellowish gravy?

Main dish

2. Drop by to Q Jelly for some agar-agar. They make very nice and colorful agar-agar cakes!

Colorful animals agar-agar

3. Shopping at One Utama.

Transformers show up again.
Me & my cousin *cheesing* at don't-know-where in One Utama. lol

4. Buffet dinner at Tenji. I gave bad marks for them. Jogoya is way way better than Tenji. I didn't even take photos for the food! Not much food variety. We need to knot holes for the coconuts and coconuts are selling hot, peoples are expected to grab for their own good, or else none will left for you. No more next visit from me!

Tenji Japanese Buffet
We took the offer for dinner. RM88++, for 2nd diner RM28.80++Night view from Tenji

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back from a 2-week-break

I have been "on-leave" for two weeks! I haven't been to hubby's shop for exactly two whole weeks, just to accompany my aunt and cousin.

We went for Penang-one-day-trip and CameronHighland-one-day-trip during the weeks. Hubby had been "on-leave" for few days too!

We stayed in KL for two nights during the holidays for New Year too! We have been walloping a lot of great food, thanks to my uncle's friend, a Mercedes Benz spare parts supplier - he treated us a delicious dinner with spider crabs; brought us to Klang for bak kut teh; took us to Nilai for a well-known "Fat Tiu Cheong" dinner; treated us another lunch in Restaurant Lan Je for their famous steam fish. I haven't snap any photos with those great delicacies (damn paiseh if I were to take pictures for foods that "rich people" eats everyday! lol)

Now, back to working mode, tidying my office, put on new paint for my office.