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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you change my link url?

It has been a while since I changed my blog to my own domain. Have you change my link url in your blog list?

Please change it if you haven't. Hope to see you all in my new blog soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something to laugh about

During the visit to Genting Highland last Sunday, hubby and I had do something silly that may lead us embarrassing ourselves from being scolded by people.

It happened that hubby and I were exhausted after exploring the whole Genting by foot (of course by feet, can't be possible by car or by bus). We slept by 1am the previous night and woke up 5.30am preparing ourselves for Genting. That's why we are so tired!

Okay, back to the story track. We walked into the lift, no one else was in the lift with us, just two of us. Hubby pressed 22nd floor. Our room is 22902. When the door of the lift opened up, we go straight out, walked all the way while chit chatting to room 902.

One arrived at room 902, hubby pressed the door bell (to notify the "people" in the room that we were backed), around 5 times the bell rings. LOL! Then hubby slot in the room key card, first time it showed red light, second time again red light.

I was wondering why the door can't open. While we still in the mist of thinking, I look up the room tag on the door. And it showed 15902!!! Gosh, we were so shock and damn scared that the door may open from inside. We run away as fast as we can to the lift! What if that's somebody inside the room sleeping? We had pressed the door bell non-stop for many times!!!

Lesson of the day: Do look at the floor indicator before you walk out of the lift.