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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Singaporeans hit by mobile phone syndrome

Mobile phone is a must to bring wherever we go, without it, I'll feel unsecured!

A MAJORITY of Singaporeans are constantly thinking that their mobile phones are ringing, reported Sin Chew Daily. It said that a random survey of 50 people found that some 80% of them suffered from the mobile phone syndrome. They would check their mobile phones incessantly to see if they were ringing or if there were any missed calls or messages.

A psychiatrist blamed this syndrome on stress.

“Such people should learn to relax to avoid stress taking over their daily life,” said the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist advised sufferers to switch off their mobile phones or avoid answering their phones for a period of time.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has urged the Government to ensure teachers assigned to teach reproductive health and social education next year are well trained.

It quoted NUTP secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng as saying that this was to ensure the teachers were well-equipped.

“Sex education is a sensitive topic and the teacher concerned must send the right message. If the message is misconstrued, parents may sue,” she added.

While the gender of the teacher teaching the subject was not important, Lok said the Government just needed to ensure that there were enough teachers.

Imagine you are on holiday, when suddenly found that your mobile phone has lost its way, how would you feel? I won't mind if they are only photocopiers. LOL!

Year End Sale

Malaysia Year-End Sale 2010 (M-YES)
20 November 2010 until 2 January 2011

The Year-End Sale is back with great discounts! The season is awaited eagerly by Malaysians and visitors alike for the unbelievable discounts, bargains and promotions. Load your shopping carts with gifts, souvenirs, branded items and everything else you need for the year-end festive season!

I have been out of mood for the Year End Sale lately, but when anything unhappy ended, when life back to normal, I'm back! Rather than feeling hungry and sleepy all the time, I feeling great and refreshing when "it" ends. I'm glad that I have a supportive hubby who always stand with me whenever I need him.

Okay, back to shopping mood. I haven't really shop for quite some time. A few days ago, Jusco sent us an invitation to J Card member day on 16th Dec. Yup, as usual I'll go Jusco on the day before to reserve the goods. Coincidentally, I have book movie ticket on 15th Dec for the Narnia. LOL! After Narnia, I'll start my shopping of reservation!

And I'm going KL on Christmas Day for more shopping! Yay! I want a stay in Hoseasons villas in france hopefully in the coming year! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm feeling pretty depressing these days, due to a recurrent issue. It has happened so many times that every time, it breaks my heart into pieces. I don't even know whom to blame for, since all of us had done every best to prevent it.

At last, we went temple asking advice from God! We were told that it all happened because of the environment of our room. Our room had more "yin" than "yang". Yup, true indeed. God knows, even before we told "him", we keep our curtain down 24 hours in the room.

From that onwards, we try to make our room bright by opening all windows and doors. Hopefully things will go smoothly in future! Does it makes better by switching on the tv speakers loudly?

Broken bed legs

A few days ago during night time, when hubby and I were sitting on the bed, two of the legs broken without any prior notice. *Sigh* And something bad happened following the broken bed legs. *Sigh*

Thus our bed frame need to be replaced or removed. Hubby chosen to remove the bed frame instead of replacing it. This morning, hubby has remove the bed frame, left alone the mattress on the floor. It's a Japanese style for our room! It will be better with a 26 inch TV!