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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel bad

I have a friend who is working in Australia started few months ago. She told me she's lonely without friends there and her colleagues do not like her much because she can't speak English fluently and mostly cannot catch what they are saying.

I told her I got a friend who is now studying there. And I introduce both of them to know each other online through the MSN. But soon after this, I regretted!

They start off within 2 weeks! I feel sorry for my friend's current or may be I should say ex boyfriend. I blamed myself for this. I can't sleep well last night after getting know the news.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Trade in old car and get RM5000

Early in the morning, the DJs in the radio were discussing the topic “Trade in old car and get RM5000”. It is one of the news for today which said to be suggested by the government to encourage Malaysians to buy new cars.

I agreed with the DJs, if this suggestion really works, then we can buy olds car and sell them to the government. This is a great way of earning money for all of us. But by that time, I think the one who makes most will be the used car retailing centre. The rich becomes richer!

Those whom are driving cars with the car age older than 15 years, are mostly those who are not affordable for a new car. And within a few years time, the old cars will be vanishing from the market. People with less income could no more able to purchase a car, not even a old car!

Hubby’s “sport car”, a Toyota Celica, is same age with me. If you were to pay him RM5000 to purchase his car, I don’t think he will sell it. He loves his car very much. He won’t sell it at such a low price!

Working day

I have to wake up at 6.30am as usual to go for work today. I am now counting down to my last day – 12 day left. How I wish the day come faster.

I’m having heavy cough and running nose today. Hubby gave me his medicine for coughing which is given by his father which claimed to be very effective. I drank 10ml once I reach office.

I can feel the difference after taking the medicine. I am better without much irritating cough and less stuffy nose. But soon after that, I am feeling sleepy and drowsy! I am like walking on the cloud, swinging here and there. Oh, no! I also accidentally slept on my desk! Thus I quickly rush into the toilet and wash my face!

And then I continued with my work. I call up some bankers to follow up the status of purchasers’ loan. It is my job to arrange meet-up between our purchaser and banker. It saves time if they need to shop for more rates from different banks.

If you are those who wants to purchase property, do discuss with banker to get a lower interest rate or else you will only able to get a standard published interest rate.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tandem bike

Hubby and I always cycling these days, for exercising and keeping up a bit! Hubby had gain a lot of weight after married. Everyone is asking me why he becomes so “fat”. I can’t see why he is getting heavier after married. He eats as usual, without any supper. It has just few months after we married and I think he had gain around 8kg!

No! No! No! I can’t let this happened!

I have to do something!

So I start asking hubby to buy me another bicycle since we already had one in our house. And then we started to cycle half an hour after our dinner. It had been a few weeks since we started to cycle. It is really fun to cycle together.

My father in law had bought a front light and a back light for each of our bike for safety. So we could cycle out to nearby shops to buy some food for the next breakfast.

A tandem bike

Now, I had something in my mind again! I am thinking if we could buy a tandem bike for two. It doesn’t seem very expensive but we can hardly find one in Malaysia. If you happen to know where to get a tandem bike, do tell me.

My new camera

Last night I am talking about a Canon camera cost RM799, and I bought another model in Ipoh Parade just now. If you know me well, you will probably know that I won’t buy anything before a careful consideration. But I bought a camera only after a day of thinking!

My new camera!

See? This is my new camera – Canon PowerShot E1 in cotton pink color. Though it did not look elegant but I love it, it is very cute! This camera is the first in the line of Canon’s newly launched designer’s concept performance camera.

The camera comes with a 4GB memory card. We bought it at RM679. I do think that it is very cheap. It had with the camera 10MP resolution and 4x optical zoom with optical image stabilizer. Most importantly, it uses AA batteries to operate. We do not want to face any battery problem during our coming trip to Australia!

Hubby always snap “shaky” photos for me with my last camera, I hope with the optical image stabilizer feature, this problem will solve. It is a waste to snap lots of photos from whether outstation or oversea, but with most of them “shaking”.

Though happy to get a new camera, but I’m quite regret to have use quite a lot within these few months, I will need to save up a bit!

At home all day

A Sunday as usual, and we are at home all day long to clean up our room and wash our clothes. I had a nap in the afternoon while hubby browsing the internet. And now it comes to the night time and we are still at home!

What a boring Sunday!

Sunday morning

Hubby and I were having breakfast with my father and mother in law this morning. I think the breakfast took us very long time. We wait for about half an hour before the foods are served. I cannot taste anything special from the food but I can see peoples are coming over non-stop. Some of them are waiting beside us.

People are saying about the down-turn economy nowadays, but still lots of people are eating out!

Still awake

Yeah, I am still awake now! It is already 1.30am and I cannot feel a bit of sleepiness! Hubby and I went into the Coffee Bean for a cup of ice-blended mocha and a chicken pie after window shopping at Jaya Jusco just now.

I knew that I probably cannot sleep until 3am after drinking coffee from the Coffee Bean. This is not the first time instate. I am okay to sleep with others coffee except those from the Coffee Bean! I can’t understand why!

This is the Canon camera I'm talking about!

Hubby and I just have some look at the cameras in Jaya Jusco. Wow, nowadays cameras are quite cheap, it only cost RM799 for a Canon 10MP camera. I prefer this camera particularly because it is operated by AA batteries. My current camera is using lithium-ion battery which cannot stand for long. I have to recharge it after snapping around 100 photos. It will be a trouble if we are traveling. It is advisable not to charge the battery before it empty. And some more my current camera always gets us “shaky” photos, it doesn’t come with a image stabilizer, and may be it is a bit old with only 4MP.

Anyway, I will consider carefully before purchasing a new camera.

No luck winning in Genting Highland

I feel really tired on the Valentine’s day after on duty staying in the show house. So hubby and I did not want to stay up too late after fetching my auntie and uncle back from the Sally Yeh’s concert.

My cousin was a bit grumpy when he knew that we wanted to go back to sleep, but I think he understand that I am not feeling well, he followed us (no choice for him actually). He asked me whether we can wake up earlier the next day to go out for some walk before we sleep. I said okay, after all he seldom comes to Genting Highland, and he is my dearest cousin, I take him as my brother, I can’t find any reason to refuse his request.

My cousin woke up by 5am the next morning without any alarm set! Can you see how much he wishes to go out? I washed my face and woke hubby up from his dream. We set off to outdoor then.

We went into the casino before going to outdoor after some discussion. I inserted RM50 into the machine and play for a while, but luck is not with me, I lost RM50 to the machine. I went to those jackpot machines then, and lost another RM20 to it. And so I quit, we left the casino to the open air.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day in Genting Highland

Hubby and I thought we could spent our Valentine’s day alone this year, however my auntie pops out on the day before asking me regarding Sally Yeh’s concert which falls on the very day of Valentine’s day. So I offer them to stay with us since we have booked a room with two twin beds. I have booked the concert tickets and hubby picked them up from the Genting agent in Ipoh.

And off we go around 3pm after hubby finished his work. Arriving at about 5pm, I checked-in. While waiting for my auntie and family, hubby and I take turns snapping photos for each others!

While my auntie and uncle watching Sally Yeh’s concert, my cousin follows us walking around. We took a lot photos also, indoor and outdoor.

We have a sit at the Starbuck after walking around. Many people are browsing the internet with their notebook since there is free wi-fi available. I am thinking of bringing my notebook also, but we are going to Kuala Lumpur on the next day, I don’t want to carry the notebook around while I am shopping! So I just wipe it of my mind. But I can’t help feeling jealous with those whom are able to online at that time. I wanted to check whether there are any opportunities for me to write for!

House warming party

Hubby and I went to a house warming party at Lawan Kuda with my colleagues just now. A village house originally had change to a bungalow house after re-building. It is really nice. It was located in the village of Lawan Kuda with all kinds of old-style wooden houses surrounding, which makes this house looks extremely elegant!

Take a nap

I am always happy for the coming of Saturday. I could always stay at home after lunch to grab some time to take a nap. I hardly got a nap while I am in office.

A Saturday afternoon is most precious for me indeed. But after the coming 2 weeks, I'm free to take any nap! LOL

My last day in the company is 07.03.2009. After this day, I'll be free!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wow, today has been a "flu" day for me. I'm having heavy flu all day long!

I don't know how many tissues I had used just for today! It was really surprisingly a lot!

Hopefully the flu will go off soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Increment from now?

My colleague told me this morning that my boss is going to add another RM100 to my current salary from today onwards. Which means that a total of RM150 of increment for this year! They request me to stay and work there.

Actually the increment is a matter, but I'm not quitting just because of it! Sure some other reasons existed!

After having discussion on this with hubby, I decided to remain leaving the company.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Hubby and I are going to be in Genting Highland by tonight! We are going to spend our night there!

Where do you celebrate this special day?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to hubby's shop

Since I have tender my resignation yesterday, my last day in the current company will be on 10.03.2009. After that, I'll be backed in hubby's shop to help him out.

I'm thinking of bringing my notebook to the shop and online during free time. I'll be helping hubby to issue invoices, paying miscellaneous bills, and attend to walk-in customers. I'm sure I'll be really free to do my own things!

Won lottery again!

My mother in-law won another lottery on yesterday night again! This is the 3rd time for year 2009. She really got the luck winning lottery for this year.

Wow, we'll surely got another dinner paid by my mother in-law!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I resigned!

Finally, I handed over my resignation letter this morning!

I'm free now!

It's really feeling relax now!

I could go travel without the need to apply for leave. And I'm going to help out at hubby's shop for half day and going home for blogging for half day!

Hopefully I won't feel boring with such a life!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Thaipusam

Happy Thaipusam!

Today is the Thaipusam Day, tomorrow will be a holiday for most of the Malaysian, except for our company! So tomorrow I will still have to go for work.

I am not feeling well today. Though I do not like to stay on duty in the show house but I have no choice but to stay! Just one of my colleagues and I were there in the show house. If I were to go home, he will be only to stay there.

Luckily, our supervisor came by 4pm. She agreed to take over my place. Then only I am able to go home earlier. Thank goodness, I'm now back in home for some rest.

Our dinner

This is our dinner for yesterday. These are the dishes we had last night which is paid by my mother in-law. She won a lottery on Wednesday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eating out tonight

My mother in-law had win a lottery this Wednesday, so tonight she's going to pay us a dinner at the Mun Cheong Restaurant!

My mother in-law's inviting the whole family, both of my sister in-law's family are coming too.

I'll try to snap some photos of those delicious dished we are going to have and post up for all of you to see later! *Cheers*

CNY ending soon

The Chinese New Year now comes to day 13th. It's going to end on day 15th which is also the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Everything's going to be back to normal!

Hubby and I won't celebrate the Chinese Valentine's Day, we will spend our Western Valentine's Day in Genting Highland! Just 2 of us are going to the Genting Highland this time, I think it's great! Long time since last when we go travel alone to Genting Highland. I hope we could enjoy this coming trip!

The story of Thaipusam

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (Jan/Feb). It is also referred to as Thaipooyam or Thaippooyam in the Malayalam language. Pusam refers to a star that is at its highest point during the festival.

The story

A long, long time ago, the world was torn apart by an infernal war between the Devas (celestial beings) and the Asuras (evil forces). Tired of constant attacks from the Asuras, the Devas paid homage to Lord Shiva and asked for his protection. Moved by their plight, Lord Shiva agreed to help the hapless Devas.

Lord Shiva opened the central eye on his forehead, radiating 6 sparks of fire. At the convergence of these sparks and through a series of celestial transformation, Lord Murugan appeared. He brought forward this powerful divine personality with elements of Himself and yet distinct from Him, powerful and brave enough to defeat the tyrannous Soorapadme - the meanest and most powerful of the Asuras. Armed with a Nyanya Vel (golden spear) presented to him by Lord Shiva, Lord Murugan went into battle with the evil force. A fierce battle ensued. Finally with one fatal stroke, Lord Murugan slayed Soorapadme. The divine converted one portion of the slain enemy into a peacock as his vehicle and the other portion into a cock adorning his banner.

Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva is considered the very manifestation of valour, beauty, youthfulness, vitality, masculinity, valor and the abode of happiness.

Thaipusam celebrates the very essence of Lord Murugan and the power of good over evil.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm now as sleepy as she is!

Though it's only 10pm, I needed to be in bed very much. I need to recharge! I have no rest day for this week since I need to be on duty in the show house this Sunday also. *Tired*

What can I do other than working?

Yes, I'm asking for your comment!

What can I do other than working?

I don't know whether I'm too ..... but I feel that what I have done in the company cannot even get a bit of appreciation from my boss. His room is upstairs, so he seldom see what I'm doing. He do think I'm just sit and do nothing! But I'm not!!!

Secondly, I only have RM50 of increment for this year while most my colleagues get at least RM100 of increment.

I'm real disappointed!

Should I quit or stay?

If I quit, I don't know what to do, other than blogging, anything else I can do?

Oh, what to do?

Jusco member day

I received a letter from Jusco yesterday, it's a discount voucher up to 15% without date!

Actually this is a usual act for Jusco for their members, but since I have just join them last year, this becomes the first discount voucher for me.

The member day starts on 06/02 until 15/02.

I'll grab hubby to go there tomorrow, buy something for us as .... hmm.... Valentine's present!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Google page rank

Wow, I just found out that I have got Google page rank for 4 of my blogs!

PR2 - Daily Life @ Cindy's World
PR2 - Emails @ Cindy's World
PR1 - Health @ Cindy's World
PR2 - Travel @ Cindy's World

It's just very unexpected for me to have so much PR! I'm very happy for that! Cheers!

I think if I were to put my blogs into more blog directories, my page rank may even went up more!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Show house official launching

Taman Bercham Tropicana show house

The show house my company was rushing to launch finally launched officially on 24.01.2009. Wow, really busy for the pass few weeks preparing for this launching!

Finally, all went perfectly smooth on the every day of launching!

Lion dance

Buffet served

I'm really quite relieve to see everything in the right track on that day!

Chinese New Year's game

3 of my cousins playing UNO

See? The kids are playing UNO. UNO is a game which we will surely play during the Chinese New Year other than the real card game.

We only gamble around RM0.30 per game (one lot). Yet I could win about RM20.00 for that! I'm really lucky this year as I nearly got all game win! All of them emptied their purse (coin purse) to me! LOL!

My birthday cake

My father in-law, mother in-law, hubby and I have our dinner at the East Ocean Restaurant as the celebration of my birthday! It was quite full inside the restaurant but the dished served very fast!

Chocolate cheese cake, Chocolate strawberry cake & Cheese brownies
(My birthday cakes!)

The above are my birthday cakes, I request hubby to bring me to the Secret Recipe weeks before. So on my birthday, hubby and I went to Secret Recipe, ordered 3 pieces of cakes and finished them!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Yeah! Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Let me make a wish.... I wish I could live happily ever after!