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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love Hong Kong

5 days 4 nights of Hong Kong trip has come to an end. On the day we arrived in Hong Kong, it was cool; while we leave Hong Kong it was getting warmer. I love Hong Kong. Everywhere is labeled with chinese words, everyone is speaking cantonese and they are very polite (except for those sellers in Lady Street).

Hong Kong's MTR is really very well built, I must give them a thumb up. Any one of the MTR stop would simply have more than 5 exits to different streets, and most of the MTR stops are underground, which means on top of the stops are streets and shops!

Every streets in Hong Kong are busy with people walking in fast pace. Some of the escalators in MTR stops are moving fast (much faster than our pace), and we were to stand on one side as some people may use the other side to walk faster up or down the escalator.

Free and easy trip to Hong Kong is no fuss at all with all the signs and map in hand!

**Updates: click to view Hong Kong trip - Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5

Foot prints on the escalator

I have bought a few things home:

Invertable shoulder bag with a small matching sling bag

Espirit multi-purpose bag

Sweater with panda pocket and tail

Sweater with rabbit ear and tail

A pair of shoes

Lock and key from Disneyland

Trolley backpack

Last but not least, my favorite

Mickey Mouse cabin size luggage

* More on our Hong Kong trip will be coming up soon in my all-in-one blog and travel blog, please stay tuned!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off to Hong Kong

Tomorrow, my FIL, MIL, hubby and me will be off to Hong Kong!

All of us are to wake up very early in the morning to catch Yoyo bus by 7.30am to LCCT (not KLIA cause we are flying Air Asia, not MAS). We will be reaching the airport 2 hours earlier. By then only we will have our proper brunch.

My FIL was buzzing all the morning, he seems to be very very excited about this trip!

We'll be back on Tuesday night, hopefully I'm energetic to put up a post on Hong Kong.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's only 33 Celsius out there, it doesn't really hot as 38 Celsius. But still I'm very very hot, I just went out with hubby, it was burning to walk under the sun! I want to migrate to somewhere cool! Can I?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summon after 30+ years?

No. Kesalahan-SEK 46(1)(d):
Meletakkan/menyebabkan diletakkan apa-apa barang berhubung dengan trednya di tempat awam.
Butir-butir kesalahan:
Menggunakan parking untuk menjalankan perniagaan kushen di tempat awam di atas lot parking.
Bayaran denda:


What do you think about Dewan Bandaraya worker whom giving out summon to your car? They'll appear from nowhere issuing you a summon when your parking coupon is overtime or when your car is parking somewhere you are not suppose to. Usually if you arrived in time (seconds before he prints out the summon), he'll let you go.

However, when it comes to business owners like us that need to park our customer's car in front of our shop, trouble comes (constantly!!!). Sometimes, we will put parking coupon; sometimes, we will open-up the car's bonnet or boot. Sometimes when those MBI man comes, my FIL will treat them "minum kopi". Mind you that there is not only one pax for one area, they are many of them! Today this comes, tomorrow another comes......

It happened yesterday that we did not put parking coupon and forgot to open the car's bonnet or boot. And "he" passed by, come down to our shop talk this say that. "He" came before and "minum kopi" not long ago, and yet "he" comes again. So my FIL asked him to issue summon if "he" wants. "He" didn't do so, but standing in front of our shop, using his hp taking photo of our shop.

Today, comes another "he" claiming that "he" gets complaint that we are doing business in the parking lot, "he" is coming to summon our shop. Hubby talked with "him", revealed that it's the "he" who came yesterday without getting what "he" wants report our shop with photo! *@&$%

We never received such a summon in the past 30+ years!!! My FIL had been doing business in this shop for 30+ years!!! No warning given before summon!!! Have you heard cannot even take or replace car seats in a parking lot??? Even if we put parking coupon also cannot??? @#&%$

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another cheating call

This morning, while I'm quite free, I received a call from a believed-to-be China cheating female whom speaks China style Mandarin (with China slang). So I decided to hear what she's going to cheat about.

China girl: Hello, Miss. May I have a few minutes doing some survey with you?
Me: Okay.
China girl: Are you currently using any Panasonic products?
Me: No.
China girl: Actually, Panasonic is planning to open 2 shops in Ipoh, and we would like to invite you to our shop.
Me: I'm not free.
China girl: No, not now. It will be later.
Me: I'm not free also.
China girl: *Getting frustrated* Why you only know how to say "I'm not free"?
Me: Ya, I only know how to say "I'm not free".
China girl: Are you rushing to DIE???
Me: Ya, I'm really not free, in a rush to DIE!!!
*Hang up*

I've finally getting into their nerves. LOL.

Think carefully, we'll realize. Panasonic will not sent somebody speaking China Mandarin to do survey. They already well-known, there isn't a need to promote like that. These China females tactics already widely-known, I wonder why they still doing so? Do they think we, Malaysian, are still that innocent, easily to be cheated???

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A sunny Saturday morning

It's again Saturday. This Saturday morning appears to be sunny, the sun is showing its shinny face. However I'm not showing my shinny face, I'm gloomy!

I have had a terrible sleep yesterday night. I woke up by 2.30am to the toilet, then back to bed, twisting and turning all the way till this morning. I'm now extremely tired and sleepy plus light headed.

Oh my, my sis in-law and his hubby are going to Macau tonight and they are going to sent their kid, Marcus to our house until they come back from Macau. We need quite a lot of energy to help taking care of Marcus, although he always behave well but he's still a child, we need to talk a lot with him. I must take a nap later, recharge before Marcus arrive! LOL

In additional of Marcus's arrival, hubby and I have a postpone-meet-up with hubby's cousin tonight. It should be late when we finally reach home. I wonder if I could stand the sleepiness tonight!