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Monday, September 8, 2008

Another RM120!!!

Yup, another RM120 won in Genting Highland!

We went there last Sunday once again! My father and mother in law suggested this one-day-trip. So soon after last week's Genting trip, hubby and I were "back"!

We visited the casino right after our breakfast. Played for a while, we won RM35. After having some walk at First World, we won RM15. Lastly, we won another RM70 before going Starbucks for a cup of ice-blended chocolate!

Surprise to see such a couple? Gamble few times just to win RM120? To tell the truth, we don't really like gambling. We are gambling just for the sick of getting some subsidize for the trip.

Our next trip to Genting Highland will be on 5th of October, another family trip!

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