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Monday, September 15, 2008

Full of tomato sauce!!!

Hubby and I went to Moven Peak (the old one) for dinner last Saturday. We ordered nasi lemak, shrimp fried rice and Thai style chicken chop.

After waiting for 15 minutes, the foods arriving our table gradually. I had some nasi lemak and turned to taste the chicken chop. What would you do before start cutting some chicken to eat? I'm sure all of us will pour some tomato sauce or chili sauce to the plate before it.

Well, just at the moment I open-up the tomato sauce cap, "POP". Oh my gosh! I'm fulled of tomato sauces, all over my body! Oh, my hands, chest, shirts, jeans and shoes! I can't imagine how embarrassing I am!

While everybody's curiously looking at me, one of the waiters handed me some tissues, hubby went to our car to fetch me some wet tissues. I wiped and wiped until all those sauces gone off. I'm really on fire! But I know I need to calm down, not to shout. So I kept quiet and ate.

Tell the truth, their services and food are not as expected. The chicken chop's too spicy and the fried rice's burned. I've black-listed this restaurant. I won't ever be backed!

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