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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boutique at home?

After work today, I'm going to a home boutique with two of my colleagues. I wanted to go for a hair cut before I heard about this boutique this afternoon. I'm so curious about the clothes they are selling.

My colleagues told me that this boutique will be opening in a shop lot near Tesco. But before this, the person in charge, Joanne, who is also my colleague's friend, bought a lot of clothes from Korea and Hong Kong.

Since Joanne will only start opening her shop on this coming Sunday, we decided to check out the clothes. So three of us reached her house after work.

Wow, the clothes Joanne's selling are really unique. They are special, even a plain white shirt is nice. They are all imported and are from well-known designers.

I've reserved a dress with Joanne. I'll confirm buying it after I have a look at the newly arrived clothes this Sunday!

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