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Saturday, March 20, 2010

King of the owls

Our nephew, Marcus, went out with us yesterday night to Ipoh Parade and Jusco.

While walking near the food dept. in Jusco, we saw a child wearing an owl's mask. Marcus shouting "Aiye!!!" at the kid, and the kid's mother pointed out her finger telling us where she got the mask. So we go there straight away to get a free owl mask and king's crown from the children milk powder promoter.

Since then Marcus was wearing his new masks until we reach home.

Marcus (King of the owls) & his gong-gong (my FIL)


翱翔 said...

when he shouted out "Aiye!!!" for the first moment,
i think he want to get that mask already,
children is like that... (i think la...)

heart said...

this is cute!

Cindy said...

翱翔 - I think so!

heart - :)