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Monday, March 15, 2010

Straight A's celebration in KL

As a celebration for my cousin's straight A's in SPM, all of us went to KL for a great lunch. We went to Unique Seafood Restaurant for our lunch celebration with a few of my uncle's friend.

Everybody is praising my cousin for his result, he was at cloud nine the whole day. Actually his result is expected to be straight A's for all of us, if he failed to get all A's, that would be most alarming (too demanding hor?).

My cousin got a T-shirt for one of the uncles but the size isn't fit for him (huge huge body he has). And hubby and I got him a puzzle cube (he loves cubes) for gift.

Congratulations, William!!!

Unique Seafood Restaurant in PJ

Live fish-cutting show!

Giant prawn


Cuttle fish


Spider crab

Spider crab again!



* The above dishes cost RM1500++!!!

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