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Thursday, September 29, 2011

He gets paid to sleep on the job

Wow, who does not want a job like this? Just sleeping alone can earn you a living! I always sleeping at home nowadays, without income. Why not hire me to sleep? Then I could have earn some money while pregnant! Who does not want money? I want money and I need a lot of money!

HE has the best excuse to sleep on the job.

Lee Jia, 27, earns 10,000 renminbi (RM5,000) a month just to test the comfort level at hotel rooms.

Besides sleeping, he checks out the scent of the rooms, the cleanliness, the brand of toiletries and the type of TV programmes available.

Sin Chew Daily quoted Lee, a Chinese national, as saying that his job was more than just sleeping in hotel rooms and that it could get stressful at times.

His job, he said, required him to observe well his surroundings.

Lee, who loves traveling, said he would then write a review of the hotel and its facilities on his blog.

“You need to be highly focused and articulate to observe every detail in order to produce a comprehensive report,” he said.

Day-dreaming does not help, right? Okay, I will have to check out complaints now and stop my day-dream.

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