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Friday, February 17, 2012

Suzie is heaviest girl born in the UK

I just read about a supersize baby at, share with my readers here. Do visit their site for photo of the huge baby compared to the corner desks!
THIS is supersize Suzie, the heaviest baby girl ever born in Britain — at an eye-watering 12lbs 12oz.

She was almost DOUBLE the weight of an average newborn — and had two TEETH at birth.

Astonishingly, mum Gemma Tevendale, 26, gave birth naturally with just the aid of gas and air.

Labour lasted only 44 minutes and she didn't need stitches.

Most mothers of extra-large babies have a Caesarean.

Gemma said last night: "The midwife was shocked.

"They'd said she was going to be big — between 10 to 11 pounds. But when they saw she was 12lbs 12oz they thought the scales had broken." Suzie was born three weeks ago and is already two feet long and wearing clothes for babies aged six months.

Gemma, who is just 5ft 4ins, said: "When we put her in a 0-3 months suit she looked like she was going to explode out of it." And her daughter's appetite is also big. She is breast fed but needs bottles too because she is hungry all the time.

Gemma's two older children were large babies, but nothing like Suzie. Vincent, now six, was 10lbs 10oz, and Violet, four, was 11lbs 2oz. And both Gemma and Suzie's dad — IT technician James Gzowski, 25 — were average size at birth.

The proud mum, from Swindon, Wilts, thinks eating FISH may have caused her whopping newborn.

She said: "The midwife explained that could have contributed to it.

"I do like my fish four times a week. I hadn't gone overboard with it, although I probably had more than I should — usually tuna and smoked salmon."

Gemma revealed that scans during her pregnancy had shown the baby would be bigger than normal, although not as large as 12lbs 12oz.

She said: "I was so huge everyone thought it was twins.

"I don't know what it's like to have a newborn — it's like I just give birth to three-month-old babies."

"We're not planning any more. Three's a nice number — they fit in the car!"

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