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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home in the graveyard?

~News quoted from Sin Chew Daily~

Have you ever thought of living in a graveyard?

There is a Malay wooden house built in front of three graves at Jalan Langgar, Kedah. After some graves were removed in recent years, the family even expanded the house to accommodate the increasing number of the family members.

The old house owner told Sin Chew Daily that he has been living here for over 50 years and his children keep staying here with him even after they have got married, expanding the family into four households of 14 people.

Every year, descendants of the three graves buried in 1970s would visit the tombs. The owner's wife said that as they are living in a Chinese graveyard, they are very clear with the Chinese tomb visiting custom during Qingming festival. The family would therefore clean the surrounding area before the festival every year to avoid embarrassment when descendants of the deceased were there.

Descendants of the deceased said nothing about the expansion of their house. Instead, they asked us to take care of the tombs, said the house owner.

Could you believe it? I don't think I could have the bravery to live with the deceased!

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