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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seafood lunch

Today, I had my lunch in one of my best friend's house. He had been invited me to his house to try his special-made steam fish on the New Year eve, but I had other thing to do on that day, so we postpone it until now! Three best friends having lunch on this Saturday!

Ingredient: Fresh swimming tiger prawn

2 guys taking photo with the prawns!


Steam tiger prawn with egg-white

The Chef applying sauce to the "Bak sou gong"

Steamed "Bak sou gong"

Fried cabbage with prawns and chillies by the maid

Our lunch - 3 dishes!


Oh, why the Chef looks like this?


Rynnnn said...

Fooodd always makes me go Woo. Nice food, Mehhs, i really gotta learn how to cook huh? haha

Cindy said...

Yeah, great food makes great mood!

Purpled Sky said...

Yum! Can I have some, please? :-)