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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What you see isn't what you'll get!

Terrence, Nick and I went to a coffee shop for a drink in the Saturday, around 4pm. We thought of finding a place chit-chatting.

Three of us were in Greentown, wanted to go Greentown Corner, but closed. Then we decided to go Old Town Kopitiam for the drink. Before we reached Old Town Kopitiam, passing by a coffee shop, and Terrence was attracted by those desserts on the menu in front of the shop. So, we went in and sit ourselves.

Nick's coffee

My Coke light

Terrence ordered Banana Fox in the menu

This is the Banana Fox he get!
(See the difference? It's that big in the menu, that small in reality!)

We asked the waiter regarding the difference for the ice-cream, he explained that it's just a illustration problem!

I got a joke for the day. Actually, it's normal to me snapping photos everywhere. I had took a photo for the shop name once I sat down, snaped a photo for our drinks and ice-cream before I gave the ice-cream menu a snap. The waiter came immediately after he saw me taking pictures with the menu asking me what I would do with the picture!

What do you think I would do?


claire said...

hey,i m from IPOH too...not so sure which shop u meant.. but if u want ice cream, u can go to this CRazy ice cream shop in Persiaran Greenhill ... they hv set lunch and dinners plus oriental food and of course, lots of crazy ice cream..

Cindy said...

I ate at Crazy before, lots of choices for ice-cream!