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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can't recognize me???

Yesterday when I was shopping at Jaya Jusco with my friend whom is working in Australia and now back for holiday, we saw two ex-Ave Maria girls coming just in front of us.

Both of them immediately recognized my friend, and start chatting with her without even noticed I'm standing beside of her!

Both of them and my friend are graduated but not me. I only have a diploma certificate from a local college without the ability to afford further education. I was most annoyed by their act!!!

Even though I have not manage to earn a degree, I do not think that's the reason for not knowing who I am! One of them is in the same class with me during secondary school time. I'm very angry seeing them acting like that!

So I walked away leaving them chit chatting HAPPILY!!!

Actually earning a higher education certificate doesn't really means a lot, though I only studied until diploma, I have a loving hubby and is expecting a new baby! There are nothing much to be proud of having the degree cert!!!


EdJA NAughty Zone said...


Dana Telco said...

pity that there are people like that.

Merryn said...

no point fussing over those two.. enjoy ur pregnancy! :)

KaDusMama said...

what wrong with having just a dip cert?? It is still a qualification right?? the way..Hi to u.. :)

aBIGwhale said...

you shouldn't waste time with people like that..

if they're too high for based on their standards..

majority of the world would think less of them because they're snobbish.. and full of themselves..