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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Highway traffic jam

Hubby and I went Butterworth meeting up with a friend on the past Sunday. From Ipoh to Butterworth, it supposed to take around 2 hours. But we took extra half an hour on the way, because of a lorry! The lorry happened to turn all the small rocks out accidentally (I suppose!). The rocks covered the whole road until the police had to stop all the cars to clean up the road. Thus, we are stuck inside our car for half an hour in the middle of a highway!

Came to a halt on the highway to Butterworth.

See the long queue?

A police taking care of the traffic while the tractor removing the rocks.

This is the lorry that cause the mess!


chrisau said...

That always happened. Anyway, a note about lorries. Most of them are not well-equiped for long distance travel. The lorries are old and some don't even have bright rear lights. And , there's a lot of reckless lorry drivers. probably thought their vehicles are big, they became road bullies, like overtaking w/o signals even when a car is near behind.

Superman said...

I hate traffic jams. I person mistake can make so many suffer. I think the police should fine the lorry driver or the company. So many reckless drivers on the roads everyday.
Stuck in the car is really something bad. Can't go anywhere. I think that time radio become the best friend.

Gallivanter said...

Yikes. Good thing no lives were lost. Imagine when it happened there was a car behind it.

reanaclaire said...

I hate following behind lorries.. yes, their little pebbles might look harmless but when one drops off, the impact of it bouncing to our window screen can be very great...grrrrr... how wonderful if lorries have a separate lane of its own, out of our sight.. :)

mNhL said...

It can be very frustrating being stuck in the traffic jam. Waste of time and petrol.

Cindy said...

Chrisau - Yup, I saw many lorries without rear lights when we travel in the night. Those who are a bit careless, will kiss it right at its back!

Superman - Should fine them for making such a mess indeed!

Gallivanter - I think if a car is just right behind the lorry at that time, the driver's face and hands would had bleeding badly.

Claire - Ya, those little things could have break our windscreen. My car's rear windscreen just broken by a silly MBI worker who cut the grasses near my car. :(

mNhL - I can't imagine the life in KL, always traffic jam here and there!

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