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Friday, November 6, 2009

Spring chicken below coconut tree

While switching the channels one to another, hubby and I stopped at Ah Xian's show. He was recommending "spring chicken below coconut tree". And since our computer is on, I search for this place in Ah Xian's blog. Thus our journey to Butterworth started!

Ching Huat Seafood located at Butterworth

Their famous baby chicken - but to me, ok ok only.

Fried prawn cracker - crispy and yummy!

Steam fish - must try!

Lala - all big big one!

Fried mee hun - normal.


kenwooi said...

damn i feel hungry edy.. =P

Cindy said...

Really? Then eat again lo!

reanaclaire said...

oh.. never heard of this spring chicken under yum yum tree... i love lala though.. perhaps buy from market cheaper hor? :)

Cindy said...

Those we buy from market not as big, go there and try when you visit your son in Penang!