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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ipoh road resurface???

The road in front of our shop was being resurfaced yesterday. Fyi, the road in front of our shop is still in good condition without bumps or holes! Anyway, it's something to be happy, right?

However, do you normally see "road resurface" being done in the daylight? Shouldn't it be done at night??? Try imagine the traffic and the SMELL of the asphalt!!!

The SMELL is really unbearable, I'm having stuffy nose since then! Now cough joins in too! Making me eating everything tasteless! *sigh*

I noticed that Ipoh is now having a "road resurface" revolution. But mainly to "main road" not "small lane". Road resurface supposedly a good deed to us, but please do this in the night time. We need not see the progress of road resurfacing to acknowledge the work done!!!


chrisau said...

dats always happens, not just in Ipoh but elsewhere too.

Cindy said...

Ya ya, but really suffer la.

reanaclaire said...

HI Cindy.. yes, i also noticed.. like ashby road and few others have been resurfaced.. the pic u put up..looks familiar but i cannot recall whereabouts in ipoh la.. :)

Cindy said...

It's in front of Tow Bow Keong temple!