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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ipoh - Kuantan - KL - Ipoh

Hubby and I are going to Kuantan to fetch my auntie and cousin back to Ipoh Again.

We will have to see how's everything going on to decide when we start our journey to Kuantan tomorrow, may be morning, may be afternoon or may be evening! And four of us will go KL early in the next morning, shopping for some household items for my auntie's new condo. We are going for Houz Depot and Ikea, follow by 1 Utama. If we have spare time, we could go Pavillion or Mid Valley too!

Before 6pm, we shall arrived at Tenji for our buffet dinner. I'm looking forward to it. We have been to Jogoya, and yet to try out at Tenji. Now Tenji has got discount RM88++ for dinner, RM28.80++ for 2nd person. We shall take the apportunity to try and see! lol

I suppose we are going home to Ipoh around 9.30pm (from KL), after the buffet walloping(buffet starts 6pm, ends 9.30pm)! We are going to fully utilized the time given! lol


Cynthia said...

enjoy your trip.. and have a nice and safe drive ya.. :D

Cindy said...

Yup, sure! Thanks, Cynthia!

Kev said...

Wow!! Christmas shopping eh, Cindy :)
Have a nice trip there and back.


chrisau said...

wow..been travelling huh?