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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My small small office is on the way

Yeah! Finally I could sit inside a office (with air-con)! lol

I used to sit inside hubby's shop to stay guard of incoming customers. But the weather's so unpredictable, sometimes cool, sometimes hot and since it's in open air, heavy dust will cover my table every day! It's great to have myself sit in a office!

Air-con will be install today - an old air-con from our house, the ceiling fan will be relocate, and the partition board will be fix on Thursday.

We will also change our display racks, having a minor change in the shop!

In the coming time, we will do some changes bit by bit, determining to renew and refresh the shop. Nowadays, changes must be made to survive. We ourselves as a customer, would rather pay more to sit in a clean and comfortable cafe, than sitting in a old and "not-so-clean" kopitiam, right?

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