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Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Digital SLR

Nikon D3000 - my new camera!

Hubby bought me a DSLR as a gift... erm for my pregnant Christmas gift - an early gift! I have been dreaming for it long long time ago. And now my wish comes true!

When hubby and I went to Australia, we saw many tourists holding a DSLR, even girls are holding one! We are wondering what's so great about this "big thing"?

So we try to find out when we are back in Malaysia. What's the different between our small digital compact camera with the Digital SLR?

When we were in Gold Coast, I tried to snap a picture at the night market and got scolded, all because my camera's flash light which caught the stall's owner attention! When it comes to a DSLR, it need not a flash light on at night, just increase the ISO will do, so not easy to be discover when we were to snap photos at night!

Look at the picture below, with a DSLR, we can show the movement nicely where our small camera cannot.

Picture with movement

Aperture has a big impact upon depth of field. Large aperture will decrease depth of field while small aperture will give you larger depth of field. Adjustment of the aperture will give us the below effect.

Pictures with different aperture

There are many functions hidden in this Digital SLR camera. I'm still on my way discovering!


Kev said...'re lucky, Cindy to be given that DSLR :)

reanaclaire said...

wah... koong hei/congratulations! got two great gifts.. happy for u.. now we will expect more beautiful pictures and a new creation later on..
take care..

chrisau said...

I love DSLR but still find it too expensive to get one...
Enjoy your camera and start exploring and experiment with the shutter speed and aperture. Try some evening shots with slow shutter speed to portrait and fast shutter speed like fast movement in sports

Cindy said...

Kevin - :), yup lucky to have a lovely hubby!

Claire - Nope, one only - no more pregnant - miscarriage again! :(

Chrisau - :)

Mommy Ling said...

I wish to have one envy.

But i still find hard to accept a big camera to tag with me all the time...hmmm.

日月神教-任我行 said...