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Monday, May 24, 2010

Give me some time

As we decided to start the business that we thought is potential, hubby asked some advices from an experienced business man (our neighbor shop's uncle). According to him, the area where we spotted to start the business is "quiet", not recommended, and it'll be better to have it at the side of a main road.

However, hubby and I still thought that our destinated area had the potential. So we will put it on hold for one or two months. After the opening shop of our cousin at the area, we would know whether it has the crowd.

Thus, business plan will be on hold for a few months just to be secured!


reanaclaire said...

Ipoh is a bit slow no doubt.. but if u have confidence, go ahead.. hope your biz will flourish! (ladies biz or what?)

Cindy said...

Confidence I got, but $$ is not enough if we need to "sau" for months! Nope, not ladies biz, it's a paint specialty shop.