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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My own business???

Something bothering me recently. Hubby found me a business opportunity. Everybody says it's a potential business, everybody supports us in manner of mentally. I myself thought I should start-up our own business, sitting myself in hubby's shop everyday makes my everyday life dull and boring. I wish I could earn my own money, have my own business.

However when we found a suitable business to start-up, I'm kind of scared. The start-up model is an issue, we have to find our way to obtain the start-up model without yelling for help from my in-laws. I'm scared we don't have enough $$ to hold for the time when we are newly opened, yet to be known to others. I'm scared I'll lose!

Well, people always says one should try when one is still young. I knew that very well, but still it's my first time to try, not knowing the outcome, I'll be risking to lose all my money and effort!

Anyway, I bet I'll give it a try anyhow. May be I'll become a successful business women? Wish me luck!

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