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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shrek Forever After

Hubby and I went cinema to watch Shrek Forever After yesterday night. After such a long time never go TGV Jusco Ipoh, it had turned cleaner. At least no smell at the walk-way going out after the movie.

If you are yet to watch the movie, I tell you, it is a must to watch! This cartoon is really funny, we almost laugh from start to end. No bluffing!


mNhL said...

Really so nice??? I love cartoon. Have to plan for this movie than.

suituapui said...

I saw the 1st one. Haven't been watching movies - can't sit for so long, can't concentrate so long. Must be old age. LOL!!! Hey, nice banner! Lovely wedding photo! Didn't know you're from Ipoh too!

Kev said...

Cool....Shrek again... and then Toy Story 3 is coming in 3D, and then....err. :)

Cindy said...

mNhL - Yup, it's real nice.

Suituapui - Thanks. Yaya, I'm an original Ipoh girl! :)

Kev - Ya, but I'm not so interested in Toy Story, I think I'll skip it!