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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Berlin's Bier Houz

It's the Berlin's Bier Houz! It's in the Greentown Business Centre. My friend brought me there for lunch last week.

Once I got there, the first impression to me is "expensive", I'm pretty sure our lunch will be expensive. But I was wrong, they offered set lunch at rm15 only. It consist of a drink, a self-service salad and a main dish.

Go and try if you haven't, it's a nice place to sit in for meal.


reanaclaire said...

i posted mine last week.. :p yes, it is worth it..

ChrisAu said...

so, this is a new addition to greentown? Will try it when im back. im needed to make a list of makan places when im back to 'Yee-Pou'.

Cindy said...

Claire - I think we went there on the same day. I saw someone who looks like your son wearing red-t, but I didn't go n find out. Did you all sit on the table near the end of the shop?

Cindy said...

ChrisAu - Ya... should go n try!