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Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm back to real life

After the burglary to my house, everything seem going the wrong way. I don't feel okay to do anything since my heart has badly hurt. Thank God, I have a caring hubby, caring friends and my dear blogger friends. Thank you very much!

Hubby had brought me out for a break as he knows I'm too stressful seeing my own house being turned upside down by the god-damn thieves. They made my house into an machine-free house, almost all the electrical things in my house were gone.

Life has to go on anyway, after the break, we need to get back to work, back to our life! And I'm glad that I've 80% recovered! Left-alone the 20% to self-recover as time goes on.

We had a good time during the break to Melaka. Check it out here!


Kev said...

so sorry to hear about the robbery. Glad to know that you're OK, and back to blogging.

Take care

reanaclaire said...

it takes time to get over an ordeal.. take care..

Cindy said...

Thanks all!