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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Time goes by really fast, it is now the 8th day of CNY (Chor 8). There is 7 days left before the CNY ends. Oh, how I hope it never ends. Though I had been busy throughout the days, yet I enjoy it. Our relatives are backed and we sat to chit-chat and gamble. It is the most joyful moment of the year!

Our shop has started to re-operate yesterday. Weird huh? Chor 7 should be everybody's birthday, but not a good day to start the business for the year. However, we as a worker have no choice but to follow the boss's order. :(

After continuous busy days prior to CNY, I'm finally back in one piece. I should take my rest to recharge. I think a week is not enough for me to recharge back to full energy, I need at least 2 weeks. I'm having slight flu now, making myself sleepy and heavy head. *Yawn*

Though I can have a good rest after this, I have still many items listed in my to-do list. One of the top item is about our Korea trip in April. I have to do survey on Korea ground tour among the travel agencies. We are quite concerned about the language barrier in Korea, thus joining a ground tour will solve the problem. However, I have called a few travel agencies, with each of them giving me different tour fare, I need more time to make my decision on which to follow.

Since my aunt's new condominium unit has gotten CFO, I'll have to help my aunt on the furniture selection. We have done with the sofa, dining table and beds; TV consoles have yet to get. Other than that, the main entrance door has been selected which is a security door that we saw in my sis in-law's new home. Painting, installations of air-conditioners and lighting will be done within next week. Carpet Installation will be done after house cleaning. Oh, our second new home is going to be ready in a short moment. *Excited*

In the mean time, I'm going to recharge before I take my move to assist my aunt in her new home decorations!

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