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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the sun is needed

When will we need the sun? I am sure you will tell me: it is when we need to dry our clothes. For me, it is untrue. I do not need the sun to dry my clothes. My clothes are hanged indoor under the fan to dry, there is no use of sun light.

When I need the sun light? I do not like the sun, it is devilry hot, making people sweating. However I have waited for the sun light to come out of the clouds for few days.

What for? The prawn crackers are awaiting the sun to heat them up before it is ready to deep-fry in the pot. Without the heat, the prawn crackers would not come up nice and big!

When I needed the sun most, it decides to hide away from me. Chinese New Year to drawing near, the crackers needed to be ready before that to serve my dear relatives.

These few days, the sky remained cloudy, without direct sun light, and randomly rain a little bit. Weird huh? It supposed to be deadly hot during Chinese New Year, but the weather seems to change. Is it the prior notice to the end of the world?

Before the world ends, I'll try out my luck in bingo sites. lol!

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