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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A whole new year

It is already 2011. It is always fast year after year, month after month, day after day! It is a blessing we all went through a year safe and sound. Nothing serious happened for the previous year, though some sadness is inevitable.

In this whole new year of rabbit, I have got some plans and wishes, and I will try my best effort to make it comes true. With many things that we can't control, I will try to over come it uneventfully by all means.

What is your wish for year 2011? I wish, I wish, I wish could have a baby of my own in the year of rabbit. It had move forward to the 2nd half year of marriage, yet I am able to carry a baby to full term. It always choose to leave me before 2 months of pregnancy. We are yet to figure out what is the cause of the miscarriages, nor did the doctors. May be it is not the time yet. Or really our house's feng shui problem??? Any how, we will try our very best to make it a success! Wish us luck!!!

Hubby and I have already planned for holiday trips for this year. We are going to Korea on April and Bangkok on May. Yay! We enjoy traveling a lot!

Lastly, we are finding way to earn more. Our monthly earning currently is not enough for long run, we need more for saving and investing. Hopefully the company checks we will be receiving before Chinese New Year is BIG enough for us to have a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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