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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy preparing for CNY

That's only a week before Chinese New Year finally arrived. Meaning that it's also a week before my birthday arrived!

My birthday falls on the day before first day of CNY. I think we shall have a small small celebration - yum cha, after the annual CNY eve dinner. I'm pretty sure hubby won't have any gift for me. But that's not a big deal, as long as he treated me good and we are happily together.

I'm quite busy these days since the CNY is drawing near, my aunt had many orders. Orders in terms of buying CNY biscuits, foods, this and that...... Kuantan had really nothing, she wants to buy everything in Ipoh, and bring back - almost everything in Kuantan had a higher selling price compared to Ipoh.

Okay, till then - I would have to continue busying!

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