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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to prepare money

I was being told that the passed Monday, new notes will be available to exchange. However, that's not true, there are no news notes on Monday and the bankers told me they were not sure when the new notes will be out!

When I bank in a cheque just now, I try to ask again. The banker told me tomorrow will be the day, the day when new notes are out and available. Wow! Excited! But she told me to go bank early tomorrow morning since there are limited new notes for this year.

The banker whom told me about the new notes available tomorrow is from Maybank, but I think all others banks will issue out the new notes on the same day since Bank Negara is the one who decide when the new notes being distributed.

Okay, I will be fast - 9am stand-by in front of the bank with money in hand! Wakakaka.... I will need to exchange new notes for my in-laws, aunt, father and ourselves. That is why I must present at the bank as early as possible, just in case there are really little new notes available for exchange. lol!

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