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Friday, January 14, 2011

CNY is coming?

When I'm in the bank to hand in the EPF and SOCSO bank in slip with the cheque, I asked when can we change new notes. The banker told me next Monday, new notes will be available.

Came back from the bank, I counted - it's only 2.5 weeks away from Chinese New Year!!! It is so near yet I can't feel the CNY mood? May be it's because I didn't go KL for CNY clothes shopping this year. Shopping malls in Ipoh are decorated with red lanterns and stuff, but it is minor compared to KL's shopping malls.

Gosh, I haven't got myself and hubby any new clothes for CNY. When I was small, I got a lot of new clothes for CNY. Growing up into adult, my new year clothes become lesser. And yet, I insist to have at least a piece of new clothes for the first day of CNY. But finding nice clothes is a hard task for me - with my size. Hopefully I'm lucky to found one for myself and one for hubby.

Hubby and I are thinking to escape to Kuantan on the 4th day of CNY, back to my aunt's house to prepare a Java PDF for my coming plans.

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