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Monday, June 29, 2009

Comment removed by author?

I noticed that some of my post's comments appeared "Removed by author".

Why is it happening?

I never removed the comments! And I can't do anything to reinstate the comments.

Anybody tell me why? And how? Please help!!!


Cynthia said...

kawan.. coz the person who left the comment decided to remove it after posting it.. I had it in my blog too.. sometimes it's double entry coz of the connection.. :)

Pastilan said...

it was not you who removed the comment but the one who made the comment that is why you see "Comment removed by author"

I hope that helps :)

Merryn said...

the 'author' is not the author of the blog but the author of the comments. so when u see comments removed by author, means, the author of THAT particular comment deleted THAT comment. usually it is becoz of double entry as said by cynthia or becoz of some typo error by the author. cheers!

Cindy said...

Icic.. thanks for all your advices!