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Monday, June 8, 2009

Raymond Lum and Linda Chung in One Utama

One of the main purpose hubby and I stopped by KL yesterday is due to my request to take a closer look at Raymond Lum - my idol! We saw Linda Chung in Ipoh before, so I do not have much interest with her.

We reached One Utama at 3pm after taking our lunch at The Curve and some walk at Ikea. By the time we arrived at One Utama, the stars are already on the stage. Both of them are not on mic, they just stand and smile. No chance hearing their voice!

Raymond Lum appears slimmer than what we see in the TV. He is really handsome!!!

Raymond Lum and Linda Chung in One Utama


reanaclaire said...

eh... not clear enough la... i like him also..handsome hor? i think both of them very matching also...
i seen linda in ipoh parade too.. slim also..
oh btw, my chatbox deleted cos got "ghost" lurking there.. i tell u about it later..

Cindy said...

Ya, both of them very matching indeed!

Unknown said...

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