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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KL or Penang?

My FIL and MIL are going holiday this weekend leaving behind hubby and I staying at home. Staying at home during weekend while nobody at home? No way!

Thus we are planning for another one day trip. The decision is up to me (hubby said), whether KL or Penang.

I dislike Penang's traffic, always jammed and busy. But the food are extremely delicious, can do some shopping also!

While KL is a great place for shopping but tiring, need to walk and walk, going shopping mall to shopping mall! However, shopping is my all time favorite!

It will only be a one day trip, no overnight staying for "cost saving" and also need to work - no holiday for self employed, all we can do is to ask my FIL to "look after" it! But we took too many day-off for the past few months, so? Just forget about it!!!

And now, back to the question, KL or Penang?


Cynthia said...

come KL coz I am here... hehehe :)

Cindy said...

We'll probably go KL coz Zara sale starts tomorrow!