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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Nurse's Guide to Good Living

Scrubs is the one and only site that's 100 percent about nurses, personally and professionally, and the very specific joys and challenges nurses face. So, on this site and in the pages of their upcoming print magazine, they will publish career advice and inspiring stories, and also beauty and fashion tips as well as lots of ideas on making downtime as relaxing.

Though I am not a nurse, I find this site provide a lot of useful idea and is very informative. We could find many articles that are beneficial to us. I bet once you been to this site, you will probably coming back every now and then to check out the updates.

One of the articles that caught my attention is "Make up that holds up". There are some ways to keep your makeup looking terrific:
  • Start with a great foundation.
  • Brighten your eyes.
  • Line ’em up.
  • Add color with blush.
  • Go waterproof.
  • Pucker up.
One caveat: Ask to test brands from makeup counters before making an expensive purchase. Wear the product all day before deciding if it’s right for you (no allergic reactions and does what it says it will).

Do visit the site to read the full article!


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