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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ambank credit card cash back???

I believe many of you may have heard about this promotion held by Ambank. It seems attractive to most of us.

Hubby owns a Ambank Islamic credit card all along but we seldom use it, we mostly use Maybank Petronas credit card for its 5x petrol treat points. Since this promotion on, we change to use Ambank credit card every Wednesday for petrol.

Ambank credit card cash back FAQ's answer:
  • Cash Back is a cash rewards program offering cash rebates of up to 10% on petrol and groceries purchases exclusively for AmBank Credit Cardmembers / AmIslamic Bank Cardmembers.
  • 10% on total purchase on petrol / groceries on every Wednesday; 5% on total purchase on petrol / groceries on everyday except Wednesday.
  • The cash rebate is calculated based on minimum spend of RM100 at hypermarkets/supermarkets and RM50 on petrol brands stated from May 1 – Aug 31, 2009, and is awarded for each spend block of RM50 on Petrol and RM100 on groceries. It is further subject to a maximum pool of RM100,000 per month. The cash rebate will be credited in the immediate month’s credit card statement.
We got our monthly statement today, I checked and found that not even 1 cent rebated from Ambank! I was so furious! I called and asked. According to them, Ambank total monthly cash rebate payout is RM100,000, our bill didn't get the rebate because it had probably over RM100,000 paid. But even the transaction on 1st July didn't get any rebate! Why? Why? Why? Cheat one!!!

I'd better cancel the credit card, can avoid the purse lost frill also!


reanaclaire said...

i never use this am bank card.. only my son uses at times.. i prefer petronas maybank... better stop using if no rebate..:)

Alice Phua said...

I'm not surprised the cash back rebate comes with frills.

Just to share with you, I have the Tesco-RHB credit card which so-calledly gives you 2% rebates on all days in a month and 5% rebate for the final weekend of the month. It turned out that becos they impose the rebate capping thing and that the rebate calculation goes through some 'funny' formula, so in the end, if I use the card only for purchases in Tesco, then the net rebate I actually get is only 0.8% for the so-called 2% rebate that Tesco claimed, and a net 2% rebate for the so-called 5% rebate.

Usually these banks will market their cards in a very attractive way, but the real way isn't that attractive after all. I was also disillussioned with the Tesco-RHB card. However, the Petronas-CIMB petrol 2% rebate or even Direct Access petrol 2% rebate is genuine with no frills.

Alice Phua said...

Someone I know who owns the Giant-Citibank credit card also has this kind of 'frills' problem. See

Borneo Falcon said...

Nothing is free in this world

Kev said...

Credit card promotions and frills - please be careful. Read the fine prints. Better still, don't sign up.

Cindy said...

Claire - I think so.

Alice Phua - Thanks for your sharing.

Borneo Falcon - I'm not asking things for free... just some rebate...

Kevin - I'm not signing up for those promotions... had that card long ago but seldom use.

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh...didn't know it's not as simple as they claimed. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Mummy Gwen - Ya, I only get to know their "trick" now!

Anonymous said...

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