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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Change new car?

Hubby's dream car - Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry - Hubby's dream car! Ya, hubby has been dreaming about it since we bought Toyota Vios. Sure you all ask, "then why you buy Vios instead of Camry?". Let me tell you, it's all because of the price, Camry is double the price of a Vios!

Our Vios is 3 years old now. Hubby's hand felt itchy already, always talking about the new Toyota Camry - how spacious, how comfortable, how nice to own a Camry in white, etc.

My in-laws too asked hubby to go ahead buying the Toyota Camry! I on the other hand, do not agree to change our car, I would prefer to change to a Toyota Alphard (only when I have at least 2 kids born).

The car I prefer - Toyota Alphard

Toyota Camry or Toyota Alphard?


ChloeRuoyi said...

We just bought a Camry... yes, it does look very handsome on the outside (that's what attracted us too) but feature wise and performance wise, it's so-so only :-)

Borneo Falcon said...

Toyota Alphard should be the choice since you got kids. It also has more storage space which is perfect for weekend holidays and etc

Faye said...

what a nice car!

Cindy said...

ChloeRuoyi - Oh, really? I thought it's both good in the looks and performance. Have to think twice.

Borneo Falcon - I haven't got kids, just dreaming for some! hahaha... working hard on this! But Toyota Alphard's good for family use indeed.

Cindy said...

Faye- Yup, both are nice!