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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jusco Ipoh member day

Jaya Jusco is having member day on 8th July and 9th July, a bit special for this year, a two days instate of one day member day.

Hubby and I cleverly went there last night to "reserve" the items we want, so that we wouldn't need to search within the crowd. There are really having great sale! Must go and see if you are in Ipoh!

I think Jusco is probably very very crowded by now. Hubby and I will only go there to pick up our things tonight!


reanaclaire said...

wah..u got connection one ah? each year i never go for the member's day.. i takut to squeeze inside.. too many people, i feel breathless. haha.. old already like that la.. yes, i heard my frens going by cabs instead of driving, more worth it, looking for parking is another problem when it comes to big sales..

Cynthia said...

Happy shopping ah... :)

eugene said...

Ha, lady vs shopping, shopping vs lady, these are two are just inseparable...

show show what you got there .ya

been to Jusco Ipoh only once,,, guess all the Juscos are the same, arent they?

take care now,,,

Cindy said...

Claire - No, no need connection one, many ppl do that! Remember, for next year jusco member day, go the night before, choose what you want and ask them to keep for you.

Cynthia - Yeah!!!

Eugene - Almost all jusco looks like that! yaya, women=shopping! lol

@bi3L said...

hey... thanks for the comment and for the visit!! :)

Unknown said...

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